At Ammos we strive to use the finest quality, and where possible, locally sourced ingredients. Our aim is to provide the best dining experience money can buy whilst remaining faithful to our roots and supporting the local market. We cook using only the finest oils and we are extremely proud to say that we use extra virgin olive oil sourced direct from Mazotos village. Trust us; good olive oil makes all the difference! Our vegetables are grown by local farmers and delivered fresh to ammos on a daily basis. That’s why our salads are always luscious and crisp. We refuse to use anything but Cypriot potatoes, straight from the infamous ‘red villages’ always fresh and never frozen. Try our hand-cut Cyprus fries and we’re sure you’ll never look at fries the same way ever again. We use only locally grown, fresh chickens; this ensures that meat is always succulent and tender, which means we never disappoint with our famous Yami-Yami chicken. Salmon? Only the freshest, finest Norwegian salmon, try our mango salmon if you’re in doubt. We serve live oysters that are kept alive in a special habitat that is identical to their natural living environment; what this means for the ammos customer? Fresher than fresh, it’s like picking them out of the sea. Most of our food is prepared in our special Josper REAL charcoal oven. It smokes, bakes and grills all at the same time. To put it simply; we wouldn’t have you eat anything that we wouldn’t eat ourselves and that ensures that we offer the best quality food we can possibly can.

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